The Art of Natural Baking

“If baking is any labor at all, it’s a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation.”

Welcome to Bonne Amie!

Nice to meet you! I’m Siana, the girl in the messy apron behind the camera.

Baking has always been a language of love for me.
After finishing High School in Switzerland, I travelled to Germany where I attended baking school to be classically trained in Bread & Pastry Arts. Returning home to Canada in 2015, my siblings and I opened up a small restaurant in our neighbourhood where we are able to serve our community with organic, fresh baked goods and delicious food, made with the finest ingredients and oh so much love!

Sourdough bread is my absolute favourite thing to bake, with tiramisu & anything chocolate trailing closely behind. When I’m not in the bakery, blasting 70’s tunes (ironically enough, Bread), you’ll often find me with a smile on my face creating new recipes, traveling with family, writing punny poems & doing Globe & Mail crosswords, all while managing Rejuvenating Spring with my siblings!

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Being raised in a big family, I’ve always been encouraged to foster an entrepreneurial attitude and pursue my love for baking and nutrition. Through Bonne Amie, I am able to provide unique, healthy, and high quality baked goods, made with the finest ingredients. 

Fresh & Local

Custom Orders Available

“A party without cake is just a meeting”

Birthday party? Wedding? Anniversary? Bar Mitzvah? Tuesday night?
You never really need a special reason for cake. No matter the special event, we’re here to help you be the Party Hero.
Need it gluten-free, dairy-free, or raw/vegan? Don’t stress, we’ve got it covered!


* = Organic

Wheat flour*, leaven*, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, leaven*, cheddar cheese*, milk*, agave*, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, spelt flour*, sunflower seeds*, flax seeds*. Raw Ontario honey, fresh yeast, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, leaven*, beets*, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, leaven*, matcha*, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, walnuts*, raisins*, agave*, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, leaven*, russet potatoes*, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, leaven*, cacao powder*, cane sugar*, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, butter*, egg, sugar, salt, natural yeast, spring water (Sesame, Poppyseed, Cheddar, Everything, Plain, or Cinnamon Raisin)

Wheat flour*, leaven*, cacao powder*, currants*, cane sugar*, salt, spring water

Wheat flour*, leaven*, butterfly pea flower*, cane sugar*, salt, spring water









We will contact you shortly to confirm your custom order; all orders require 72 hours notice before requested pickup.

All payments can be processed manually by our staff and deliveries will go out on Wednesday & Friday each week.


Any questions about parties, special occasions, or dietary restrictions? 
You can reach us by email at


Bonne Amie is our go-to-place for bread, desserts and those amazing cookies that my grandchildren ask for when they visit. I love that the finest ingredients are always a priority as never compromised. It doesn’t matter what we order – it always exceeds our expectation in presentation and taste. I am not usually one to recommend sweets – but if you’re going to do – do it well. Our family favourites are coconut oil ginger cookies, almond butter cookies, cardamon scones, chocolate fudge cookies, red velvet cake, coconut cake, rye bread, beet bread (don’t let the name fool you – a must try)…. Thank you Siana for doing what you do – with such integrity!

— Cathy Dutchak

Siana is the most passionate person I know and her passion for creativity is evident in her baking. She is not afraid to make bold decisions, and that has translated into her extensive and unique collection of recipes, including my personal favourite, her Coconut Sheet Cake. Siana’s passion and drive push her to be the best she can be at everything she does. I can honestly say that her boldness and creativity create something truly beautiful every time she bakes and I know she will continue to push herself and amaze us all. 

— Carys Baker

Siana’s banana cream pie is amazing! You can tell she uses fresh and wholesome ingredients and puts every effort into making the finished product perfect. She has a passion for baking and is dedicated to creating the best quality and taste. The banana cream pie stayed fresh for a few days in the fridge and we enjoyed every last bite!

— Lynette C

I am so thankful to have Siana’s amazing baking. Her healthy cooking brings love to our door each week. All of her baked goods are phenomenal. We always look so forward to our delivery each week because everything we taste from Siana is healthy and delicious. I am always so impressed by her passion for her job. One day I had to pick up our order early and I was apologizing for the pressure and inconvenience and she sent back a message saying “I love what I do, pressure isn’t something you need to worry about 😊”. That pretty much sums up Siana. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts (and stomachs too). 

— Fredene Plouffe (The Joyce Family)

 Siana’s Strawberry Almond Rhubarb Pie was absolutely to die for delicious! Allen and his son, Len joined me in the heavenly experience! I have never liked strawberry rhubarb pie before as they were always too sweet but this one was perfect. Siana is a master at her craft and we are all benefiting!
Also I tried her tomato rosemary bread this morning and it too was fantastic!

— Maryan M




because of the loooong fermentation, sourdough bread is:

  1. Easier to digest – Since the Mother Culture used is rich in bacteria (the good kind, of course), when the sourdough is rising, lactobacillus bacteria produce an enzyme called phytase, which conveniently ‘pre-digests’ the phytic acid partially neutralizing it, simply put: digestion begins before you even take a bite!
    2. Lower in sugar – During the breakdown, many of the sugars & starches are consumed by the “natural yeast” in the loaf. That means sourdough’s glycemic index is lower, keeping your blood sugar nice and steady (aka. Diabetic Friendly).
    3. Simple & delicious – made with only 3 simple ingredients (flour, water, & salt – the holy trinity) fresh sourdough can be enjoyed with any meal of the day… everyday 😉